Harvest Season

Last night was the end of the line for my Rioja wine kit. Bottled almost everything up last night. I was about a bottle short so we put into a decanter and did a little tasting later on. Needs to age obviously but very tasty all the same for so young a wine. Can really get the oak in it. Now what to do as my next kit. They have some Primitivo coming in. Hmmmm….

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Fall in Nova Scotia

I think I have always regarded Fall with mixed feelings. That is probably not all that unusual I guess. It is a time of great beauty here in Nova Scotia. Despite the beautiful colors one also gets the sense that everything around your seems to letting out a collective sigh before Winter pokes its ugly head into our lives. It’s feels like everyone you meet has adjusted to the same frame of mind. You know the one. The “Ahh, crap. Here we go again.” frame of mind. ┬áStill all us Bluenosers seem to get awestruck every year all the same.

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Why not try?

I have posted comments on my Brother’s blogs for years but for some reason I never got around to creating one of my own. I guess this will be my attempt to rectify that situation. Not sure yet what type of content we will see here but it is likely to be a variety of things. Items ranging from family, the Farm, local events and other items. Let’s see how I do. Thanks for tuning in.

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