Christmas Traditions

Every family has its Christmas traditions. One of the most memorable ones for me is the fact that every year my Dad would make ice cream. Usually there was vanilla and strawberry but every once in awhile he would try maple walnut. It was always extremely hard to scoop but soooo tasty when put on some of Mom’s apple pie.

The past couple years I have decided I needed to continue that tradition and have started making my own ice cream for the Christmas holidays. Last year a made a kick ass ice cream thanks in large part due to the bags of Ghiradelli chocolate I snagged when I was last across the border in the USA. This year was not able to find any around Amherst so hopefully it will turn out alright.

I still have some heavy cream left so I should try and make another batch. Branch out into something a bit different. Maple-blueberry perhaps? Time to experiment.

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  1. Dan Dickinson says:

    I wish I’d known. I could brought home more Ghirardelli from San Fran when we were there.

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