A fun week

Haven’t taken the time to post anything this past week. Been a busy one but with some immensely fun elements.

Last Saturday hit the Wine Expo in Moncton with a bunch of friends from work. Despite never hanging around with them socially before everyone clicked and we ended up having a blast. Lot’s of great wine was consumed including one of my new inexpensive favorites KWV Cafe Culture Pinotage. Afterwards we headed to St. James Gate for a great, but very noisy, meal and some Malbec. I cannot remember the winery it came from because quite frankly I was getting a wee bit hazy by then.

Today was a different sort of fun. Those that know me know I love to golf but I do not get out enough every year to get much better at it. As a result I just do my best to get out here and there and hack away. Despite being moderately awful I absolutely love it. I mention this passion because it is November 13th here in Nova Scotia and I managed to get out golfing today with a good friend. It was sunny with no wind and around 13 Celsius. That is a crazy warm temperature for this late in the year but it made for a beautiful day on the course.

Saturday night is now here once again. Different this weekend than last to be sure. I am home alone with the kids while my wife is off dressed to the nine’s with a bunch of other tipsy women at some fundraiser. I guess it’s time for me to go dig Ronin out and watch it for the millionth time. Not too bad week at all.

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  1. Andrew_D says:

    I ended up changing my mind at the last minute and instead watched “Snatch” for the millionth time. Another one of my favorites.

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