Wine Expo

The good: The Wine Expo in Moncton is coming up and I have my tickets. Over 370 wines this year for the tasting.

The bad: My better half has other commitments in Halifax that weekend.

It will be a different experience without her there but I am hopeful it will be fun as I am attending along with a few people from work.

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3 Responses to Wine Expo

  1. Tim says:

    Wines I would try:
    – There’s a lot of bland, mass-produced Australian wines on the list. However, I would highly recommend both Stella Bella wines. I might also try the Coldstream Hills cab sav.
    – I would try any of the three French 2005 wines.
    – I would drink lots of the Zenato amarone, ’cause I’m like that.
    – I would try the Canadian and US rieslings, because I’d be intrigued.

  2. Dan says:

    There actually aren’t many good Canadian Rieslings on that list. From the email I sent to Andrew:

    “I’m pretty disappointed in the selections from Ontario…a lot of lower-quality ones like 20 Bees and Mike Weir. However, do try the Thirty Bench Riesling. Thirty Bench is one of our favourite wineries, and though their reds are better than their whites, their Riesling (depending on which one it is…they have three) will be better than the other stuff from Ontario.

    From the US I’d try the Beringer, Caymus, Etude and Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignons. If they’ll let you, that is; they’re all quite good, and quite pricey. You might want to pick up a bottle of the Ravenswood Zinfandel, it’s a good, cheap, all-purpose wine that you (probably?) can’t get at the NSLC.

    Generally, Italy looks very strong…I would spend most of my time there. Great value for the money, usually.”

    The next time either of you come visit (*cough cough*) we’ll pop ’round the south side of the lake and get some of the good Ontario stuff.

  3. AndrewD says:

    Quite frankly I will probably try as many as I can. My taste buds are not that discerning yet. I will just mark off the ones I liked. That being said I could be halfway cut by the time I hit the 2/3 marks and all of sudden my categorization on what is good or bad may get a bit looser. Ahh well. A cross I will have to bear.

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