The simple things

It is funny how, through the course of life, you end of taking some very simple things for granted. Having grown up in the Maritimes I never thought much about being close to the water as I grew up. That was just part of my life. In the late 90’s when I moved out to Calgary I was overwhelmed by the proximity of the Rockies. They were always there on the edge of your vision whenever you turned your head westward. Taking a jaunt out to Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise was the first thing we did after we moved there. Over time though you do become a bit blase about them there. “Oh, yes! Those mountains! I almost forgot! Yes, they are nice aren’t they.”

The other thing that began to happen when I moved to Calgary is that I started missing the ocean. Being able to jaunt off and see the coastline and smell the salt in the air. There was a certain comfort in it probably in the same way that rolling into Mom’s kitchen and smelling roast beef and potatoes gives me a warm sense of home.

Over the course of time I did eventually move home and I did resolve to appreciate the ocean more and try not to fall into that trap of taking it for granted again. Tonight was one of those times where I made good use of that proximity and appreciated it to the fullest.  There I was walking on the beach with the dog. Throwing his toy out into the waves for him to bring back. Laughing at his silly antics. Walking on the sand as the sun goes down and the moon comes up in the sky behind me. The scenery of the cliffs of Partridge Island coupled with a stiff salty breeze coming in off the water was a great end to a Fall day. It is good to be home and near the ocean.

But I miss the mountains.

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  1. Tim says:

    Tell me about it. As another traveller I can tell you that it’s only after you leave that you appreciate the great things about wherever you’re from. You’re fortunate to have moved back and be given a second chance at appreciating it. I try to do the same whenever I’m back.

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