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Wine Expo

The good: The Wine Expo in Moncton is coming up and I have my tickets. Over 370 wines this year for the tasting. The bad: My better half has other commitments in Halifax that weekend. It will be a different … Continue reading

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Fall Colors

Falls colors here in Nova Scotia are later than normal this year but like always they are beautiful to behold. Took this picture this morning as I started down the lane on my way to work. Apologize for the bit … Continue reading

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The simple things

It is funny how, through the course of life, you end of taking some very simple things for granted. Having grown up in the Maritimes I never thought much about being close to the water as I grew up. That … Continue reading

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Harvest Season

Last night was the end of the line for my Rioja wine kit. Bottled almost everything up last night. I was about a bottle short so we put into a decanter and did a little tasting later on. Needs to … Continue reading

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Fall in Nova Scotia

I think I have always regarded Fall with mixed feelings. That is probably not all that unusual I guess. It is a time of great beauty here in Nova Scotia. Despite the beautiful colors one also gets the sense that … Continue reading

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Why not try?

I have posted comments on my Brother’s blogs for years but for some reason I never got around to creating one of my own. I guess this will be my attempt to rectify that situation. Not sure yet what type … Continue reading

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