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Maple Season

It has been a long time since I got off my tuckus and wrote anything. Not that this will be a long one but I need to make the effort to try and get back at it. One of my … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions

Every family has its Christmas traditions. One of the most memorable ones for me is the fact that every year my Dad would make ice cream. Usually there was vanilla and strawberry but every once in awhile he would try … Continue reading

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Christmas time in the country

Younger Brother and his wonderful wife are home. Dogs and kids are constantly pestering them. Christmas food and treats lay all over the house. Wine, beer and spirits to consume with friends and family. Good times. Happy holidays everyone!

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Christmas Concert

Attending the kid’s Christmas Concert. It is interesting because it is a perfect example of how much things change they also stay the same. Same gym. Same crowd of parents with cameras flashing. Kids squeaking out some notes on some … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Generator!

After we moved into the new house two years ago we had a very bad winter for extended power outages. It was decided that before the next winter came (Winter 2009-2010) we would have a generator in place. Fortunately we … Continue reading

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A fun week

Haven’t taken the time to post anything this past week. Been a busy one but with some immensely fun elements. Last Saturday hit the Wine Expo in Moncton with a bunch of friends from work. Despite never hanging around with … Continue reading

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Here comes the snow again

Had the first snow flurries the other day. I am not sure why it is surprising that I am so jolted by the onset of snow this year. Cold and snow are really not all that unusual commodities to a … Continue reading

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Wine Expo

The good: The Wine Expo in Moncton is coming up and I have my tickets. Over 370 wines this year for the tasting. The bad: My better half has other commitments in Halifax that weekend. It will be a different … Continue reading

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Fall Colors

Falls colors here in Nova Scotia are later than normal this year but like always they are beautiful to behold. Took this picture this morning as I started down the lane on my way to work. Apologize for the bit … Continue reading

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The simple things

It is funny how, through the course of life, you end of taking some very simple things for granted. Having grown up in the Maritimes I never thought much about being close to the water as I grew up. That … Continue reading

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